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can some one help me with this keygen code plz, keygen

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hello all now i have a program that disassembled a keygen code for me now more than anythink i want to get into programing keygens so been looking for how i would find on how to do it just cant seem to get the hang of it

now this keygen is for wot i want to make as my own if that makes sense just to make a keygen like this one but the thing is i cant understand the code can some one help me out with just this code here if you got some spare time just wright in a bits that you know in normal text so i know wot the functions do ill leave the text file in the attachments

also everyone talks bout finding registration keys and that done that on one program but the thing is this program called sony vegas i want to do it for that but not for sony vegas its self the plugins new blue effects

now i cant seem to find a break point on where the serial is added to to the stack and this keygen code that i got is a keygen to that new blue soft where wot i want to know is how he could have made it and how do i know where activation is and if im getting the right part sorry to be a pain im a noob at all this but can learn quickly smile.gif

just need some one to help me with it
text file will be in attachments thanks for reading elfenliedtopfan5

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illegal kinds of programming are not allowed at this forum
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