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How to work with visual interface in C++?

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I am teaching myself C++, I have downloaded code::blocks and even run my first hello world scripts and a bit more, but so far all the tutorials I have bee using seem to using the shell command to display the data. I mean, when I run the program, I can only see the output from the command line interface, but I actually want to see panels, like the javascript window with button and everything, so, how do I actually call that in C++ terminology, and how can I run a simple hello world script or something similar using it? Is there any link that could show me a simple tutorial using this basic interface, instead of using a black screen to run everythin?
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What you want is a Graphical User Interface. This sort of thing is provided by a widget kit. A few popular ones are Qt, GTK and MFC.

I would recommend Qt because, among other things, it's cross platform (including Android) and includes a browser (powered by Webkit) widget that lets you execute JavaScript from within your application too.

If you download the full installer from the Qt website it even comes with a compiler (mingw) that will let you build the sample applications straight away.

A simple Qt program that brings up an empty window looks like this:

#include <QApplication>
#include <QTextEdit>

int main(int argv, char **args)
   QApplication app(argv, args);

   QTextEdit textEdit;
   textEdit.setText("Hello World!");;

   return app.exec();

Of course, like MFC, Qt has a drag-and-drop style editor for fast UI layout, but personally I prefer to do everthing from code:

user posted image

Of course coming from an assembly background you might not like the 10mb+ runtime that Qt requires. If it's minimal dependencies that you're looking for then I'd investigate the native windows API for GUI rendering.
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