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Download win32.hlp, the complete Win32 SDK Help System: Windows API help file, WinSock, Mapi, Tapi, Multimedia and others.

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Greetings Friends, Guests, and Newbies. Welcome to the WinAsm Community! ;)

This is probably the most important post I have submitted to date, and really wish I had found this much sooner!!!

As Antonis would say... Better late than never!

Especially in light of the fact that MS no longer offers this SDK at their website, and no longer supports the Operating Systems mentioned that this help system was designed for.

Matter of factly... most MS offerings now require Windows 2000 or later.

Nevertheless it is still an excellent set of reference tools.

Also... if you are a dial-up subscriber like myself, sifting through MSDN for API reference is exteremly slow, even at 56kbps. :rolleyes:


If you are at the tail end of Win32s, running an older 9x OS, Windows 95 & 98se or Millenium Edition. This help system archive is exactly what you will need!!! B)

At the link noted at the end of this post you will find the "Complete Win32 Developers References," or SDK Help System. (All files are in .hlp file format)

This single .Zip archive includes...

Programmers Guide to Windows 95.
Programmers Reference (Win32 API Help file )
MAPI Reference
MIDL Reference
ISAPI Reference
Multimedia Reference
OLE Reference
OpenGL Programmers Guide
Performance Data Helper Reference
Pen API Reference

"Win32 Programming Techniques"

RPC Guide & Reference
Setup API Reference
Sockets 2 Reference
TAPI 2 Reference
Tools Reference
Compilers Guide
& Knowledge Base.

It is the "Definative Help System" for 9x/ME Operating Systems. Again all files are in .Hlp file format.

Also note worthy...

When unpacked you will need to launch the "win32sdk.hlp" file first.

This will create the one file that seemed to be missing, which will allow access to all noted Help References from one convenient Window.

The link...

A + Software - Downloads Page

The file you are looking for is named: "" It is located towards the bottom of the page in the Download Others section.

The archive is approximately 22MB and takes slightly over an hour to download with dial-up.

Happy coding! ;)

Sea :blink:
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Cool Sea, I'll definitely have a look at this and see if it contains anything that could be of use to me - nice of you to share. :)

Up to date though, the occasions where I couldn't find the answers on MSDN have been very, very rare and slow loading isn't a problem either when you have the MSDN Library installed on your local hard drive. ;)
It comes with Visual Studio and is regularly updated, also it's often more comprehensive than the actual MSDN site itself. :D
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Thanks Liquid. ;)

Yes I know... I know... I really need to get updated here. I will... eventually. :rolleyes:
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The file is no longer reachable. You can find it here :
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Thanks, LaHire. Appreciate the pointer.
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