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Welcome to !

First of all, we would like to welcome you to our forums. is an online community of friendly people with common interests. Some of us are programmers in real life, others are not. But we all share the common passion of programming, and we are willing to help each other with the difficulties we encounter.

Here, at community, our main concern is programming the x86 family of processors, using the Assembly Language.

Among others, we support the following Assemblers: Microsoft MASM, Borland TASM, FASM, and NASM.

Besides Assembly, other programming languages, such as C/C++, Pascal, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Basic, are also supported in our forums.

You may receive help with programming 16-bit programs under DOS, and 32/64-bit programs under Windows.

Finally, you may also receive support and report bugs about WinAsm Studio, HiEditor and all other projects of the community.

Before posting in any of our forums, it�s very important to read our ground rules, to avoid bringing us to the difficult position of censoring or removing your post, or even worse, canceling your membership.

A. Regarding your preparation before posting:

1. Use the search function to check for any previous threads that may be related to your questions. If the results aren't satisfactory, you may proceed to posting your query.

2. Choose the most appropriate forum to submit your query.

3. Do not include multiple queries in one post. If you have multiple questions, you must open a separate thread for each question.

B. Regarding the use of language:

1. The official language of our forums is English. Exceptionally, the Russian Language can be used in the "Russian" forum for those having difficulties in English.

2. Try to use properly the language in which you choose to post, without abusing it.

3. It would be a good idea, to pass your writings through a spell�checker before you actually post your query or reply.

4. Do not result to foul language or swearing.

5. Do not use slang or l33to pseudo-talk.

C. Regarding the content of your posts:

1. Fill the caption and description of each new thread you open in such a way, so that the problem you face is as accurately described as possible.

2. If you are facing problems with your code, zipping a functional demo that reproduces the problem and uploading it, will probably result in a (faster) reply to your questions. In your post, describe exactly what the problem is, including expected and observed behavior. If you deem it's necessary, include a screenshot in the archive (along with your sample project), that depicts the problematic behavior.

3. If you want to submit a code snippet, enclose it in the appropriate [CODE] tags. Try to format your snippet, so that it will be as much as readable and understandable as possible. Placing comments in critical parts, would also be a good idea.

4. Do not make any queries regarding: cracking, hacking, malicious code, system exploitation with aggressive potentials, copyright-infringement-oriented reverse engineering. Such posts will be deleted on sight.

D. Regarding the attachments in your posts and contributed code:

1. The contributed code to the community remains the intellectual property of the original author of the code. We strongly encourage sharing projects and accompanying sources, to help advance the learning process for all our members.

2. The administration of does not take responsibility for intellectual property theft. Since you, the author, took the decision to post your code in a public forum, the responsibility to protect your intellectual property is solely on your hands. In short, if you don�t want your code to be used by others, do not post it!

3. It would be a good idea, if the contributed code was in the form of WinAsm Studio projects, as most of the people here use this specific IDE.

4. Do not post any attachments, or link to content that has anything to do with malicious code, or material that is subject to, or aiming at, copyright infringement. (Including, but not limited to: keygenerators, file-patchers, memory-patchers, patched binaries of commercial / shareware applications, applications aiming at dumping / intercepting / bypassing / emulating software protection technologies).

E. Regarding your behavior in the forums:

1. Do not insult other forum members, or engage in flaming. If you have differences with another forum member, try to solve them in private, or move the discussion elsewhere.

2. If you happen to find a broken link, or inappropriate material inside any thread, please notify the forum moderators via personal message. Include in your report a link to the thread, and the order of the post in which the broken link / inappropriate material can be found. Our moderators will address the issue as soon as possible. Please, do not start a new thread for such issues.

3. Keep in mind that this is a public forum. This means that people from many cultures are reading what you are writing, and according to the specific context of their society, they may receive messages you didn�t have any intention of implying. Thus, avoid making references in politics or religion, is a good idea. Also, a good idea is to check your writings before posting, and removing parts that have the (even remote) potential of misconception.


These are the rules! As long as you respect them, there is nothing we are not willing to discuss.

Feel free to ask anything, engage in dialog with other community members, answer questions our members have posted in the forums, submit your own questions, post example code, or even undertake one of the community projects!

If you are not sure about a question or something you would like to post, please contact the moderator of that forum, or administration, if contact cannot be made.

No matter how you choose to participate, we hope you enjoy the time you spend within the community, and we look forward to seeing you often.

Have a wonderful day!
The Administration
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