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HiEdit custom text edit control V3.0.0.4, improved support for php variables, improved force change case option and HEM_RELOADFILE message bug fixed.

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Hi all,

This is the change log for HiEdit V3.0.0.4

What's new

-A ! at the end of any delimiter indicates that any word starting with this delimiter will be colored. For example:


indicates that any word starting with $ (such as php variables e.g. $somevar, $another etc) will be colored (blues, xerxes).

-php syntax highlight section of the attached keywords file updated.

-A new copy of the already opened file was created on sending the HEM_RELOADFILE message, old copies didn't get deleted and disk space kept filling up; fixed (tomte)

-When "+" or "-" option was added after a keyword, the "~" option in its front was no longer respected; fixed (xerxes)

-Comments can now start ONLY if not in quoted string (such as "abdff", 'dgffd')

-asm,inc syntax highlight section of the attached keywords file updated.

Get it here


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Hello akyprian, and thanx for new version.

How hard would be to implement API that can be used for side bar icons. This is the bar that is placed left or right of numbers bar and can be used for marking purposes.

This API could be very small, maybe even only 2 additional message:

lparam - linenumber
wparam - PBarIconStruct

�hwnd - icon handle
�style �- icon style
�id � - this is user id of the icon.

How would it function?
The basic problem, IMO, is how to scale icon based on the line height as this depends on the font size. I envision this as automatic, the only thing you should need to do is to supply icon file with icons in several sizes so control can choose the best one possible or interpolate. There could be some styles related to the icon display, for instance if it should have size limit (so after certain line height icon would stay the same size, just centered in the bar).

Icon could be erased by setting icon hwnd to 0.

There could be some other messages, but they are not mandatory. The only other thing to be updated for this is update to notification interface EM_SETEVENTMASK for Mouse event so you can catch user interaction with bar, and additional creation style Above is enough to create full featured editor that can draw bookmarks, breakpoints, tips and other features regually seen in advanced editors. The programmer can save marked line numbers on his own, save them on exit, jump to next/previous mark etc...

Thanks for reading this.
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See small possible bug in remarks section here
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One more eventual bug, it is not from this version I think.

If you set entire section of the hes file only to highlight comments like this:


you will see that comment is highlighted only if there is space after ;

; this is a comment

will be highlighted, while

;this is a comment

will not be.

This doesn't happen if the first letter after ; is delimiter so thats why it was harder to notice I guess. I checked it using your HiEdit demo and also using my wrapper.

Actually, I don't know if this is a bug or by design, but according to the documentation:

A + at the end of keyword: all the rest of the line will be treated as a comment.

I think I understand why this behavior occurs but I guess that you must be aware that people usually put comments imediatelly after the comment char without any space or delimiter.
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Welcome to the Front Page could be removed by editing the Home menu item. Open the menu item is opened for edit Menus - > Main Menu -> Home and on the right side look at Parameters System. You will see Page Title with the text Welcome to the Front Page. Remove it. Also, choose the option No to Show Page Title.

I encourage you to search the forum before posting any question as most of these common things would have been answered already. It saves you time by not waiting for an answer.
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