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Discussion: WinAsm Studio & the Iczelion tutorials, please give your feedback, suggestions and comments about this article here.

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You can comment on the WinAsm Studio and the Iczelion tutorials article here.


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First of all thanks for the program and Help - as somone only just starting out in assembly programming I need all the help I can get - and on that subject , I have downloaded the main program with no problem ,but the Help and example zip files download with 0 bytes - am I doing somthing wrong ????

OK found the problem - at my end - for some reason Norton Security is preventing the download . I disabled it to download the files .
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I am a novice in assembly language programming. I have to do some 8086 programming and I was looking for a good assembler.
Can I use WinASM Studio IDE to run 8086 programs? If I can, is there anything else to do to execute 8086 programs - I mean, any configurations?
Also, I have MASM v 8.0. Can I use it along with Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition?
It will be a great help if any of the experts provide information about how to use it.

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Hmm well as a complete newbie to Win32 Asm programming I have to say I find Iczelion's tutorials leave something to be desired, no disrepect to the author.

It makes the assumption that you know how to program with MASM already, and if you're coming straight from say C programming, well, it's pretty confusing to put it mildly.

Perhaps it might be better to say that Iczelion's tutorials are an introduction to 32 Asm programming if you're coming from a background of 16 bit Asm programming. If not, you're going to have problems....

In which case a complete newbie is better off reading the MASM programmers reference manual for a start and probably reading a basic introduction to assembly such as the Art of Assembly or Jeff Dunteman's book to learn the basics of assembly language programming.

The problem with those books of course is the recent AoA book deals exclusively with High Level Assembler (useless for understanding the basics of coding, you might as well stick with C in my opinion) the older books of course have their problems in that they were written for 16 bit DOS and deal with obselete concepts such as segment handling etc which is irrelevent in 32bit programming.

Whats needed is an easy to read, modern 32bit guide to assembly programming from the bottom up. Anybody feel like recommending one?

Edit: reply to SeaFarer's post below:
Heheheh, you know, I may get back to you about that. In a couple of years time, of course. wink.gif
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Hi Kosh,

Sounds like you have a real feel for where you are coming from... and I do agree with you... as it took me a couple of years... and a lot of help to get off the ground.

However... it was time well spent. biggrin.gif

Perhaps you would like to author your own and have it exclusively published here on tongue.gif
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