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In this category you will find Add-Ins that add to WinAsm Studio support for assemblers other than MASM.

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Support for other Assemblers
Name Votes Downloads Views Entry Date
Full package to support i8080/85+i8051+i8048 with fasm g
Full package to support i8080/85+i8051+i8048 with fasm g.
Includes WinAsm Studio, fasm g assembler and two emulators for i8080.
0 159 1740 22.Jul.2016 20:20
FASM Add-In 1.87
Adds support for usage of FASM and other assemblers from WinAsm Studio, adds many additional functions also.
11 2834 11434 26.Nov.2012 14:09
FASM library by edemko
FASM library by edemko is a set of useful macros and procedures for usage with fasm, including string processing and number conversions
3 936 3977 09.Nov.2010 11:28
WinAsm Studio for FASM full package
An alternate full package of WinAsm Studio already configured to be used with FASM and LZASM.
10 8318 12046 18.Mar.2010 08:14
RC to FASM dialog converter
RC to FASM dialog converter converts dialogs from WinAsm Studio generated rc-files into fasm accepted includes.
2 1849 8171 17.Mar.2010 14:03
Borland Free CommandLine Tools templates
This package contains templates for easy creating applications with Borland Free CommandLine Tools from WinAsm Studio.

1 443 3073 15.Apr.2009 10:01
FASM Add-In German translation 1.83
The FASM Add-In German translation (wafasm.ui) is to be used with the German User Interface Dynamic Link Library (UI dll).
1 177 2526 05.Apr.2009 12:05
FASM Add-In 1.82 Russian help
The help file in Russian for the WinAsm Studio FASM Add-In.
4 1898 4959 02.Apr.2009 18:09
FASM Add-In 1.82 English Help
FASM Add-In 1.82 English Help, the English version of the Help file for the FASM Add-In of WinAsm Studio.
2 1594 4097 02.Apr.2009 18:01
FASM/Win32 templates
Updated set of templates for FASM from WinAsm Studio with FASM Add-In up to v. 1.73
1 2072 5352 20.Nov.2008 08:46
LZASM Examples/Templates
LZASM Examples/Templates to use LZASM from WinAsm Studio, check FASM Add-In documentation and LZASM site for more info.
1 635 4762 25.Aug.2008 12:44
NASM Win32 examples
These exemples were taken from original NASMX package and converted to WinAsm Studio projects, so you can easily use them from the WinAsm Studio IDE.
1 1818 10207 24.Jan.2008 08:43
Boot-sector templates for FASM
Some templates to develop boot sectors and bootable floppy images with different ways.
3 1240 6099 15.Sep.2007 16:40

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