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The x86 Assembly community and official home of WinAsm Studio and HiEditor was originally founded as the home of the WinAsm Studio IDE, evolved as a site for the Assembler programmers and the home for HiEditor, the Large File Editor. Currently, software developers of almost any programming language such as C, C++, all flavors of Basic, Delphi, .NET etc can find a lot of answers for their programming needs.

WinAsm Studio is a free Integrated Development Environment IDE for developing 32-bit Windows and 16-bit DOS programs using the Assembler. The Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) is supported inherently, while the FASM Add-In adds support for FASM and other assemblers.

WinAsm Studio is optimized for size and speed, yet contains many useful features such as intellisense which will assist you in creating Windows API based programs. Highly extensible via user-created add-ins. Includes a powerful Visual Resource Editor.

WinAsm Studio is a Multilingual User Interface (MUI) application meaning that you can set everything of its GUI to be displayed in the language of your choice. It has already been translated to many languages; You are more than welcome to make or help with the translation to your native one.

You are more than welcome to participate in our forums and ask for any help you might need. Our members are always ready to support the newcomers to start programming. The board is divided in 5 categories which are composed of several forums in which you can find answers to your questions regarding the IDE, programming tips and tricks, full source code projects, Add-Ins, discussions about the Windows API, custom controls and a lot more.


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The Assembler IDE, WinAsm Studio Full Package V5.1.5The Assembler IDE, WinAsm Studio Upgrade Version 5.1.8

Programmer's Large File Text Editor, HiEditor
Programmer's Large File Text Editor, HiEditor, the ultra fast Large File Text Editor with syntax highlight for programmers has been released.

Get it from Programmer's Large File Text Editor, HiEditor

MiniDBG V1.0.0.3 (Full Source)

The�full source code of the MiniDBG Add-In has been released for educational purposes. MiniDBG is an Add-In (aka Plug-in) that adds debugging capabilities to WinAsm Studio. You can easily convert it to a standalone executable debugger and/or learn a lot from the source provided. You can find it here

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WinAsm Studio goes open source


We have decided to share the sources of the WinAsm Studio IDE. We uploaded the latest version (as it was updated by shoorick for better support of fasm-like syntaxis) here WinAsm Studio Source Code.

You can do whatever you want with the WinAsm Studio source, preferably use it to improve the IDE. Please share any improvements you might come up with!


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